How I Work

I focus on Strategy Design, Strategy Process Facilitation and Strategy Coaching to help people and organizations to make a real difference to our world.

My philosophy, which underpins all of my strategic work, has enabled me to get impactful results for the social enterprises, non-profit organizations, foundations, ethical businesses, and government departments that I have worked with.

Strategy Design

Your organization needs a strategy. It may want to explore a new strategic area or business model, or develop additional income sources from social enterprise activities or impact investments? The clock is ticking and swift and decisive action is needed.

You’ve thought about this and have many – but not all – of the answers. The clock is ticking and decisive action is needed, however, because all of this needs to be pulled together into a formal strategy document.

You’re looking for an experienced team who can assist you in talking to your stakeholders and developing a clear and sensible strategy that your organization can easily and quickly implement.

I work with a multi-disciplinary team that includes specialists in law, economics, impact investment, governance, branding, and marketing – depending on the nature of your organization and strategy.

Our engagements take place over several months. We start with an inception meeting, followed by market or stakeholder research and opportunity brokering (as needed). We then finalize the new strategy in a workshop, and assist you in educating your staff and stakeholders about the new strategy, so that they fully support it when it is launched.

We bill for the design of an insightful and practical strategy, not for how many hours we spend developing it.

We can help you to implement this strategy, if needed, but we ultimately want your organization to embrace the strategy and learn how to implement it.

Recent Strategy Design projects include: Micro-Collector Model (REDISA); Sustainability Strategy (Southern Africa Trust); Social Entrepreneurship Strategy (Western Cape Government); Social Enterprise for Disabled Transport (DGMT); Sustainability Strategy (Sishen Iron Ore Community Trust); Sustainability Strategy (Beautiful Gate); and Online Procurement Strategy for Social Enterprises (International Labour Organization).

Strategy Process Facilitation

Your organization needs to have a strategic conversation and make important decisions. Perhaps its current strategy is no longer working? Perhaps it is growing or naturally shifting? Perhaps your entire industry is changing around you?

Your team must understand what is happening, and plot the best course forward. This can only be achieved once a sense of strategic clarity has been developed amongst your staff, board of directors, and other stakeholders, however. Developing this strategic clarity will require all of these parties to have a conversation.

You need a neutral and objective facilitator for this conversation, because there will be the agenda, power, and personality dynamics within your team that will need to be managed. The facilitator must also be able to infuse your team with positivity and a faith in the future.

I can facilitate the strategic process for your organization and help you to achieve the shifts you require.

I help people to think clearly and be ready to take advantage of strategic events as they occur. I assist in creating accessible and dynamic strategies that can immediately be implemented.

If your team is based locally, then I prefer to facilitate this process over several short sessions of between two to four hours each. I’ve found this approach to be effective since people frequently need to go and gather more information, discuss matters with outside stakeholders, or simply “sleep on new ideas”.

We will agree on the outcomes you want to achieve at the end of the process. I will then rely on my experience and intuition to determine the best course of action.

I’ve recently facilitated Strategy Processes for the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa; Citizen Surveys; Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention; Biblionef; Mensch Network; World Palliative Care Alliance; James House; Cape Town TV.

Strategy Coaching

You are an entrepreneur that wants to help change the world. You are ambitious and motivated. You are a pioneer in your field and you’re heading out into the unknown.

You are surrounded by opportunity. So much needs to be done but there is so little time. Everything seems urgent and you lack the resources to do it all. The situation you find yourself in is becoming increasingly complex and almost overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s difficult to hang on to hope and keep moving forward clearly.

You need someone you can talk to. Someone who isn’t your partner or boss. Someone who can listen to you and help you to move forward quickly without stumbling. Someone who knows your sector and has supported others on a similar path.

You’re looking for strategic clarity and encouragement.

I provide mentorship sessions that can help you find clarity and make sense of it all.

I am based in Cape Town. If you are also based here, our sessions will occur away from your workplace, preferably somewhere where we can drink lots of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing). If you live elsewhere in South Africa, we will use Skype to communicate and Google Drive to brainstorm ideas and collaborate on documents.

I will move between the role of a mentor who gives advice and a coach who listens and questions, depending on what you require. I may also propose small actions or tasks to do, recommend books or articles to read, or suggest people to speak to.

We will ideally meet regularly, depending on your needs (and our schedules), so that our sessions will help you move towards the outcomes that you’ve defined.

Examples of recent mentorship clients: Dr Eve, Brownies & Downies, UpCycle, Mensch Network, AMPD Brand Communication, Fix Forward; Ranyaka.

Cultivating strategic clarity.

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