Setting up a hybrid social enterprise with a mix of legal forms

An increasing number of social enterprises are choosing to use a hybrid of legal forms. We see businesses wanting to register non-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations wanting to setup businesses. Social enterprises with hybrid models are incredibly fashionable. It can even be argued that they have become the norm.

However, there is a very poor understanding of the legal, tax and other implications of establishing a hybrid social enterprise. Furthermore, the majority of social enterprises seem to be choosing hybrid models when they don’t need to, and in the process are creating complicated bureaucratic and ethical problems for themselves.

This e-book was released in September 2014, and has since been presented to multiple audiences such as the NPO Collaboration Dialogue and Community Chest.

Think like a social enterprise – the ebook

I’ve discovered that social enterprise is both a business model and a paradigm or way of thinking. While the social enterprise business model is only suitable for some organizations, I believe that almost all organizations with a social agenda can benefit from embracing the mind-set of a social enterprise.

This e-book from June 2014 describes each of the 10 principles that underpin the way that social enterprises think. This is relevant to all types of organizations.

In pursuit of strategic clarity

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