How to apply social enterprise thinking to your business

Traditional businesses and non-profit organizations can both start the journey to become a social enterprise. This presentation discusses 10 things that businesses can do in order to embrace social enterprise thinking and expand their social impact.

It was first presented in June 2013 as part of the SAB Foundation’s enterprise development programme.

Income generation models for NPOs

This presentation discusses the concept of income generation – something that many non-profit organizations are struggling to do. It talks about resistance to making a profit and some basic rules for making money. It then presents 5 common income generation models that have been used by non-profit organizations in Cape Town. Finally, it discusses how non-profit organization can earn money from businesses and the government.

It was first presented in March 2013 to members of Women in Philanthropy.

Need for new funding model for non-profit organizations

The South African Institute of Fundraisers (SAIF) invited me to share my view on why its members were increasingly struggling. This presentation from July 2009 identifies five main reasons why the traditional fundraising model is “broken”. It then suggests six ways in which fundraisers can apply social enterprise thinking in earn income and manage their organizations’ financial risk.

New rules for non-profit organizations

This presentation was developed in response to mass closures of well-known non-profit organizations in South Africa. More and more I was finding that the old rules for success were no longer working. The organizations that were applying conventional wisdom appeared to be struggling. In contrast, those organizations that were thriving appeared to using a new playbook.

This presentation identifies some of these new rules and encourages non-profit organizations to shift their thinking before it is too late. (These rules were the foundation for my work on “Think like a Social Enterprise”).

I presented these new rules at a variety of industry events and AGMs during 2008.

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